These Special Animals Need Your Help

You can make a big difference in the lives of our most vulnerable homeless animals by either adopting or sponsoring one who has special needs. Some have medical issues that require ongoing care or evaluation; others may have been abused or neglected and need ongoing socialization to feel safe and protected. Find out more about these special animals and maybe one will capture your heart like they have captured ours.

Our Special Needs Animals

You can make all the difference in their lives

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Help Chance walk again

Chance was brought to Broward Animal Care and Adoption with injures so severe, he could not even stand.  He was put on the Urgent list needing immediate rescue. We picked him up that night and took him to the Pet Emergency to get him on fluids and medication to ease his pain, stabilize him and watch him for the night. The next day, he was taken for X-rays and evaluation.  He was found to have serious bilateral hip injuries. The right hip is broken and dislocated and required immediate surgery by a specialist. He has a dislocated pelvis on the left side with some nerve trauma that can hopefully be treated successfully without surgery. The total overall cost for his emergency and surgical/critical care is $2500.00.  We really need your help so we can take care of Chance and continue to be able to rescue and provide care for dogs and cats like him with serious medical issues and injuries.  NO amount is too small.  Thank you!

The body of this little kitty that appeared lifeless was found lying in the wet grass covered in dirt.   A concerned citizen brought her to Florida Humane Society and asked for our help.   We sent her to our local vet for x-rays.   He determined that both front legs were broken and she would need to see an orthopedic surgeon right away.  Our volunteers assisted with transport to the specialist.   The right leg was broken just above the wrist and needed to be set with pins.   The left leg was broken above the elbow requiring an external fixator. The cost for her surgery was $2800.00 plus ongoing expenses for future care.   We need and appreciate your help in subsidizing the expenses for this beautiful kitten.    Any donation large or small will help us continue to help severely injured animals get the medical attention they need.

Sweetie the kitty

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