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We need Cat volunteers to assist with the following:

FELINE HOUSEKEEPING—assist Cat Manager with cleaning rooms, cages, litter boxes, windows, washing dishes, laundry, feeding, and other general housekeeping tasks.

FELINE ENRICHMENT SPECIALISTS—assist Cat Manger with socialization and enrichment to promote confidence and trust in humans through positive interactive play, voice interaction, handling and grooming.

ADOPTION COUNSELORS—work with prospective adopters to ensure the appropriate placement of cat using the Meet Your Match program criteria, review adoption application and qualify adopters through personal and vet reference checks.

ADOPTION ASSISTANT—prepare adoption packets, assist adoption counselor with adoption process.

POST- ADOPTION SUPPORT—make follow-up phone calls to monitor status of new adoptions; how are owners and pets adjusting and answer any questions, or direct to appropriate internal or external resource for assistance as per shelter guidelines.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR (Leadership position)—maintains volunteer release forms and up-to-date contact information,  schedule volunteer orientations, schedule staff for events, handle birthday and anniversary recognition, monitor Volunteer voicemail box,

FOSTER COORDINATOR (Leadership position)—review foster care application and qualify through reference check and home visit.; handle all related paperwork including up-to-date volunteer application, foster form and behavior/personality traits survey.  Maintain regular contact with Foster Parents to provide food, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, any other medications and special supplies needed; schedule vet visits, arrange vacation care for foster pets.  

FOSTER HOMES­—provide care to FHS animals that are too young for adoption, recovering from surgery, or in need of other special care until able to be placed in shelter or adopted.

VET RUNNERS—transport FHS animals to scheduled veterinary visits.

GROOMERS—bath and groom animals for hygiene and appearance purposes including brushing and ear cleaning.

ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY COORDINATOR (Leadership position)—outreach to facilities that would benefit from therapy program; schedule visits and coordinate with Kennel Manager volunteer staff.

ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY—facilitate the use of animals in physical, mental and emotional therapy; Transport, supervise and care for animals at community facilities.

PETSMART CAT ATTENDANT/CAGE CLEANER—clean cages and socialize cats in FHS PetSmart locations.

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